Thursday, March 7, 2013

How's the day?

Alhamdulillah, to still have a chance breathing and living on Allah's earth. Few things i've learnt here, going to  share with you readers. JUST maybe you have not come across these situations.

1. What comes around, goes back around. Just remember, what you want to do to others, it will get to you, maybe not today, but trust me someday you will.

2. Do not talk bad about others because end up, you'll be just like them or to make things worst you'll need them.

3. What's the difference of being selfish end independent? Have no idea. ZERO

Greece Alexandria, Egypt 

Your intention is a secret between you and Him onlySecure your intention for the sake of Him only 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Break

In Malaysia i thought "padang pasir Mesir, nahh it would not be that cold" but yes, i was wrong. IT WAS FREEZING, yes no snow, no building up a snowman, no sliding down the hill of snow and definitely no skating on the icy lake but it was freeeeezing enough for me to not handle. So, guys, the peak of the winter here is around dec to jan, #SoAsTheySaid but i don't know if it was just me or it is still very very very cold now in egypt. If you're coming, just be prepared with at least a winter coat, and 2 sweaters. Plus some plushy soft socks that i bought here for just 6 LE which is roughly about RM3. Good enough for me, and you'll definitely need a "SARATOGA" to have a very warm and comfy sleep. P/s: it's heavy enough and so damn comfortable to make you sleep for the whole day and maybe just be in it the whole day watching movie. SUPER COMFY! trust me on this, cost us around 250LE after hours of pleading. #Exaggerating hihi


Saratoga and the "plushy" socks

So back to the winter break story, alhamdulillah i managed to get through finals and there's this winter break(WB), a week before our WB the faculty decided to extend our break for another week. Yes, the faculty here has a LOT of suprises for you. Seniors said last year, they went a week earlier back to Egypt just because of this 'suprises' that came up when they've just checked in to board the plane. Trust me, this is a big deal when you study abroad. You would want to spend as much time as possible in Malaysia, our lovely country. Since Mia went to Turkey with her parents and Lya went back to Malaysia for the extended breaks. Left just us, Shark and I to explore the world. "ExaggeratingAgain"

 Both of us agreed on having a so called Budget-Vacation but ended up spending at least 800 LE for the two weeks. But Alhamdulillah, it worth every 'genih' spent. (Genih is the term for egyptian pound and approximately RM1 equals to 2 genih) Here are some of the hundreds of pictures and memories gathered over the winter breaks. 

Malaysian Hall, Cairo

Borg Airport Alexandria -sending off Mia to Turkey-

Bibliotheqa Library

Some of the high school students at Ras El Tin

Green Plaza with Emy and Nadia

Laser Tag - 12LE  (insert This girl is on fire song here)

Buntalz and sharkz - A 1LE museum-
 So there were laughs and there were tears but am grateful for every moment of it, Alhamdulillah. Carving exam is tomorrow. More post soon if there's extra time insyaAllah. Something to share :) 

credit to Syakirah Hamdan
♥ Allah will remember you, remind you and never leave you even when you’ve slipped and forgotten ♥

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Time.

People say, there's first time for everything and indeed it is. Today, i'm writing all the way from Alexandria Egypt for the new blog. Hope this will help those who are considering to further their studies overseas specifically Dentistry in Alexandria University, Egypt. Seriously, there is no need of braging to the world you're studying overseas especially here and I will definitely tell you the truth about it in the upcoming post insyaAllah. :) and i certainly do not want you to feel scared about it at the same time because anywhere you are, you know you can't always have the cake and eat it too. This is a small teaser how beautiful the country is.

Praying hard that i'll have more time for this blog writing soon. Btw, first ting you should know is the exam here is like caries, once it starts, it never stops till final, speaking about it, i have one in 2 days time and here i'm playing around. Got to hit the books. See you guys soon, till then, Love what you have, work for what you don't ;)  -Hazirah K.-